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  • Zia, M. F., Furqan, H. M., & Hamamreh, J. M. (2021). Multi-cell, Multi-user, and Multi-carrier Secure Communication Using Non-Orthogonal Signals’ Superposition with Dual-Transmission for IoT in 6G and Beyond. RS Open Journal on Innovative Communication Technologies.

  • Zia, M. F., & Hamamreh, J. M. (2020). An Advanced Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Security Technique for Future Wireless Communication Networks. RS Open Journal on Innovative Communication Technologies.


  • M. F. Zia and J. Hamamreh, “An advanced NOMA security technique for future wireless communication,” Workshop on Information and Communications technologies, International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM2020), 17-19 Sep 2020.

Pending Patent

  • Muhammad Furqan Zia and Jehad M. Hamamreh  " A Communication System with Multiple-Input Single-Output Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (MISO-NOMA) system and its Communication Method". 

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